PMA Purchasing Management Associates, LLC

PMA’s client retention rate is 100%


– $411,000

Uniform Rental – $256,000

Personnel Staffing – $72,000

Pharmaceuticals – $194,000

Lab Supplies – $48,000

Medical Supplies – $74,000

Office Supplies – $39,000

MRO Storeroom Supplies $261,500

Utilities – $298,000


Purchasing Management Associates, (PMA), achieves significant, quantifiable and sustainable cost savings for our clients. We accomplish this by actually performing the work, not simply by advising our clients on how to do it. In addition to actual cost reductions, which typically last several years on their own, PMA’s services also produce many additional benefits, such as:
  • Improving supplier relationship for our clients
  • Maintaining or improving the quality and service our clients receive
  • Increasing the overall purchasing effectiveness by challenging habits and introducing a proven, results-driven savings process
  • Upgrading staff purchasing, negotiating, and strategic sourcing skills At PMA, our mission is to help our clients fully understand their purchasing patterns. Clients who reach this level ultimately succeed in dramatically reducing their overall operating expenditures, while maintaining or improving overall quality, service, and efficiency levels.


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